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Family law is the body of law that deals with a wide spectrum of matters affecting family relationships. From pre-marital agreements that set the stage for a marriage and matters that address changes in family situations, such as adoptions, paternity, child abuse and obtaining restraining orders during divorce, modifications and enforcement of child issues and issues related to breaking up a marriage, each falls within the scope of family law.

Texas Family Law Firm

At the Law Office of Kathy Black, located in Conroe, Texas, our practice is devoted entirely to family law cases. We are regularly involved in diverse family matters, such as:

Fighting for Your Legal Rights

When your family is caught up in domestic conflicts, you will need a strong advocate. An experienced attorney like Kathy Black can help you understand the legal issues of your situation, explain your rights and find practical solutions. Well versed in Texas family law, Kathy Black employs negotiation and mediation skills to help clients resolve family problems outside the courtroom. Clients in the military appreciate Ms. Black’s strong knowledge of the military and the service-related benefits available when a couple divorces. Clients that have one party employed in the oil and gas industry also have unique property division issues that Ms. Black has a wealth of knowledge relating to the appropriate division of these types of assets.

Whether you need a pre-nuptial agreement to lay the groundwork for a marriage, legal advice and guidance to help you prepare for divorce, handle post divorce issues or other family legal problems; call the Law Office of Kathy Black at (936) 537-2471. We will be glad to arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns and find a legal remedy.

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