Child/Spousal Support

Among the areas of family law that frequently cause difficulty and require legal representation are child support, spousal maintenance and child custody.

When parents divorce, child support is the amount the non-custodial parent pays monthly to provide financial support for their children. A court order or agreement between spouses typically establishes a support amount, based on Texas State guidelines. Over time, personal and family situations often change. Adjustments to a child support court order may be necessary if a parent relocates with the children, remarries, becomes ill or a child requires different educational or medical needs. At the Law Offices of Kathy Black in Conroe, Texas, we regularly assist clients with an array of support issues. In addition to arriving at a support plan as part of a divorce settlement, we provide legal services when you need support modifications, order enforcement or support collection.

Spousal Support

In Texas, alimony is called spousal support or maintenance. The court may order maintenance for a spouse under certain statutory circumstances:

It’s important to note that the court can order temporary spousal support while the divorce is pending in many situations until the parties or the court makes a final decisions regarding property division.

Child Support — Not Exclusive to Divorce

Aside from divorce, other family situations where the court may order child support include:

  • Paternity suits
  • Family violence that results in restraining order against the parent
  • Parents are living separately

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