Texas Family Law Mediator

Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, is an assisted negotiation process that allows opposing parties to settle aspects of their case outside the courtroom. Different from arbitration, mediation allows the parties to reach a voluntary settlement. With the help of a neutral third party, two or more parties openly discuss their differences and possible outcomes in a private setting and reach an agreement to solve their problem.

A Family Law Dispute Resolution Tool

While mediation is effective for many business and legal matters, contentious family law issues, such as child custody, support and division of property in divorce cases are particularly well suited to the mediation process. Not only is mediation less costly than a lawsuit, but the process is also confidential and non-adversarial. Because parents willingly collaborate, they are motivated to work together to establish a parenting plan. Finding common ground allows parents to set the stage for raising children without undue animosity after divorce. Besides cost, any agreement you reach in mediation is more
likely to work in your children’s best interests because you are in the best position to know what your children will need in the future. An experienced attorney who has training as family law mediator can fully explain the benefits of mediation. Most Montgomery County courts require the parties to mediate before temporary orders and final trial.

Cost-Effective Legal Help

At the Conroe Law Office of Kathy Black, mediation is an integral part of our family law practice. Attorney Kathy Black blends legal and mediation skills to help clients reach amicable solutions for custody and support disputes and pave the way for distribution of assets and debts.

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