Texas Paternity Attorney

A paternity proceeding is filed to determine the father of a child born out of wedlock and may be filed as a separate case or in conjunction with another case, such as divorce petition in which the husband or wife contest the paternity of a minor child.

Who Can File A Paternity Suit?

  • A mother
  • An expectant mother
  • A husband
  • A man alleging that he is the biological father
  • A child
  • A government or child-placing agency

Mothers generally take legal action to seek money — child support for the birth of the child and for on-going support, while a father may wish to establish a parent-child relationship to obtain custody, or as we call it in Texas – conservatorship, or be granted visitation rights.

How Is Paternity Established?

A man may sign an acknowledgment of paternity that meets the requirements of the Texas Family Code to establish his paternity and legitimize a child.

When parties do not agree, any party to the action may request that the court order blood testing. Courts generally accept DNA or tissue tests that analyze genetic factors and have high rates of accuracy in indicating the probability of paternity.

The court will weigh all the evidence at hand; test results as well as testimony of the parties regarding relevant facts concerning conception.

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